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Personalized Health Insurance is a voluntary hassle-free idea that focuses on the importance of health insurance affordability and choice. It does not mandate any plan design. With Personalized Health Insurance premiums 15-20% are possible.

Affordable Individual health insurance should be guaranteed issue, cover pre-exiting conditions, and help the sickest among us with the most serious impaired health conditions.

You are a health insurance consumer. Efficient free markets always respond to consumer demands for products, services, and information. It’s time to try a system that focuses on customer and patient needs.

You have a right to be grouped with others who have similar health risks (good or bad). Only then will you be able to get relevant and timely information, appropriate level of coverage, and proper medical care at an affordable insurance premium.


     Personalized Health Insurance Final 10-1.pdf



Americans spent have $3.7 Trillion towards traditional Insurance Model in 2018 , United States still ranks  37th among the most advamced countries in the world .


Critical reason being consumers investments in healthcare year after year , you never see the contributions,

they have spent towards traditional insurance model.


The time has for come for Consumer Driven Health Plans ( CDHP) with low premium average $3000 deductible,  will not only lowers the premiums , money  saved is put aside the Health Savings Accounts (HSA) . That qualifies tax differed investments year after year and will place the Consumers in the drivers seat to shop for Healthcare. Consumers will demand lower costs like any other industry .


Health Insurance needs to be personalized , consumer driven,  and patient centric system . United States can provide better healthcare delivery though personalized health insurance .


Health insurance reform is needed to have better,  healthcare delivery at a reasonable cost, rather one system fits for all approach.


2/3 of Americans , roughly 200 million Americans  have are already insured under private  traditional health coverage. If  they were offered Consumer Driven Health Plan year after , will not only lowers their premiums , money saved saved is put aside into Personal Care Health Savings Accounts , which benefits the employers and employees alike. It is a win win for both employers and employees alike..

1/3 of Americans  around 100 million Americans are already in Governments programs , like Medicare,Medicaid,Tricare ,VA Systems .

Consumers Medicare pays Managed Care Companies around $ 1100 /month , which in turn makes deals with Hospitals and Physicians  for fixed payments ,  curtailing  services with copay's, deductibles , denials , not covering preexisting illness. If all Americans receive the same amounts on monthly basis , they can get a low premium plan with a catastrophic coverage, money saved is set  aside into Health Savings Accounts. That empowers the Seniors ,  can shop for healthcare at an affordable price. Consumers Medicare belongs to the consumers, not to surrender Medicare  to the Managed Care Organizations , loose the freedom to choose right coverage.

Self Insured Group: Individually Insured Group 8 to 10 Million Americans

Large Employer Sponsored plans - 170 Million Americans under Employer Subsidy Plans.

Medicare over 65 around 65 to 70 millions are in government subsidy program.

Small Employer Sponsored Plans 40 to 60  million Americans need assistance in setting up Consumer Driven Health Plans along with Personal Care Accounts. Smaller Independent Employer Group  will receive tax incentives,  encouraging the participation.

Uninsured Population - 28 Million Americans, which includes illegal Americans,  Uninsurable  or impaired Group , which make only 2.5% of the population.

Among 200 million Employer Subsidized Group  are classified into 4 groups.

Group 1:     5-10% get individual or group coverage , are self insured overages.

Americans go through different choices at different periods of life , no matter what through stages of insurance companies have to cover all preexisting illnesses irrespective of current conditions at the time applying for insurance.Insurance companies generally cover individually or a family together , underwriter gives a quote with or without deductible option.

Group 2:       60% gets coverage large self insured plans from employer

170 million Americans employed by large companies covered by private insurance markets which have to adhere strict guidelines drafted by the federal law as ERISA guideline. ERISA requires all the preexisting conditions. 

Group 3 :    15-20% Under the federal-state law for an individual or family coverage.

Employers are willing subsidize their employees , but states have to incentive to  the employers to provide coverage to their employees .Small businesses which are under 50 employees , that is where personalized health insurance incentivised for the employer to get coverage for all their employees. Impaired health condition in a family , should get a certificate of guaranteed coverage from Healthcare Review Authority, which will lower the cost of coverage for the whole family.

Group 4 :  Un-insurable group:  5-6%

Un-insurable Americans will be able to qualify for premium subsidized insurance program . Truly  Uninsurable , which are impaired group roughly 2-3% of population , government assistance from the government programs , where Government provide assistance to those individuals.


Healthcare Review Authority will determine and issue a certificate of guaranteed coverage for a particular individual.

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