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Nitanth Vangala M.D

Board Member

Board Certified In Interventional Cardiology, Cardiology, Electrocardiography and Internal Medicine

Nivruthi Vangala M.D

Board Member

Board Certified in Pediatrics , completed Residency from UCLA , practicing in Chicago

Sandesh Kuchipudi M.D

Board Member


Board Certified in Internal Medicine , Graduate of North Western University, in Private Practice in Chicago


Consumers  Doctor LLC


Dr.Vangala provides a free service in setting up HSA qualified Consumer Driven Health Plans for any individual or group of individualts, all  Employers and Employees alike. It is Win Win for all Parties.


How It Works

ConsumersMD.Org s non profit company to set up low premium health plans, money saved , set aside into Health Savings tied to Index funds with a debit card, Where Consumers are empowered to shop for Healthcare.

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Patient Stories

 Consumer Based Patient Centric System , provides a personalized Healthcare delivery. You are no longer a number , where Consumer Driven Health Plans paying the bills .


Consumers are empowered to pay the bills and treated like a real customer , not waiting in lines any longer.

Consumers Doctor Dr.Vangala