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High Deductible Health Plan 2020

Take advantage of comprehensive coverage and funds you can use to pay for future health care expenses.

This plan pairs lower premiums with a health savings account (HSA) or a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA).

Why you might like the HDHP:

  • Pay nothing for in-network preventive medical care.

  • You pay only 5% of medical services after your deductible is met.

  • With our premium pass-through, GEHA contributes to your HSA/HRA to lower your net deductible.

  • Vision benefits are included and you pay nothing for in-network preventive dental treatment, which includes two checkups and one X-ray annually.

  • Your in-network out-of-pocket maximum for 2020 is only $5,000 for Self Only, or $10,000 for Self Plus One or Self and Family.


2020 Rates

These rates do not apply to all enrollees. If you are in a special enrollment category, please refer to the FEHB Program website or contact the agency or Tribal Employer that maintains your health benefits enrollment.

Self OnlySelf Plus OneSelf and Family

Non-Postal biweekly$59.29$127.48$150.04

Postal biweekly – Category 1 $56.92$122.38$144.04

Postal biweekly – Category 2 $49.21$105.81$124.53

Monthly (retirees)$128.46$276.20$325.09

Possibility to earn tax-free interest

Any HSA money you don’t spend can earn tax-free interest, allowing you to plan for future health expenses all the way through retirement. If you leave your current job or leave federal employment, any money in your account is yours to keep.


Costs for services in 2020

The table below summarizes your in-network cost for medical benefits with GEHA's High Deductible Health Plan. For complete information, refer to the GEHA Plan Brochure.


CopayWhat you pay in-network

Primary physician office visit5% after deductible*

Specialist5% after deductible*

MinuteClinic (where available)5% after deductible*

Urgent care5% after deductible*

Routine eye exam$5 through EyeMed

Other services

ServiceWhat you pay in-network

Preventive lab servicesNothing

Well-child visits; up to age 22Nothing

Adult routine screeningNothing

Preventive dental care; twice yearlyNothing

Maternity care

ServiceWhat you pay in-network

Routine provider careNothing after deductible*

Inpatient careNothing after deductible*

Out-of-pocket maximums and yearly deductibles

Self OnlySelf Plus OneSelf and Family

Out-of-pocket-maximum (in-network)$5,000$10,000$10,000

Calendar-year deductible (in-network)$1,500$3,000$3,000

GEHA’s HSA/HRA premium pass-through contribution$900$1,800$1,800

Net deductible after pass-through1$600$1,200$1,200

1Your “net deductible after pass-through” is the bottom-line amount you owe for health care services before GEHA begins to pay. If you have GEHA’s High Deductible Health Plan, GEHA’s pass-through contribution reduces your net deductible.


The table below summarizes your cost for prescription drugs with GEHA’s HDHP. For complete benefit information, including details on specialty drugs that are injected or infused, refer to the GEHA Plan Brochure.

To find a drug cost based on your benefit plan and prescription dosage, check your drug costs.

Retail pharmacy – 30-day supply


Generic and preferred brand-name medication25% of plan allowance, after deductible*¤25% of plan allowance, after plan deductible,* plus difference between GEHA allowance and the cost of the drug¤

Non-preferred brand-name medication40% of plan allowance, after deductible*¤40% of plan allowance, after plan deductible,* plus difference between GEHA allowance and the cost of the drug¤

Mail service pharmacy – 90-day supply


Generic or preferred brand-name medication25% of plan allowance, after deductible*¤n/a

Non-preferred brand-name medication40% of plan allowance, after deductible*¤n/a

*Under the High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), your deductible is $1,500 for Self Only coverage, and $3,000 for Self Plus One or Self and Family coverage. With the exception of preventive care, vision and dental, you must pay the full deductible before GEHA pays for your health care. You can use funds in your health savings account or health reimbursement arrangement to cover your deductible and other medical expenses.

¤If you choose a brand-name medication when a generic is available, you will be charged the generic copay plus the difference in cost between the brand-name and the generic.

Videos: How an HSA or an HRA works with an HDHP


Key plan features


The HDHP is GEHA's only plan that includes generous vision benefits for eye exams, frames and lenses, especially if you stay in-network.



Up to $250 in incentives for HDHP members who complete simple and convenient health screenings.



All GEHA members can buy a premium electric toothbrush by cariPRO at a discounted price of $27.99 plus shipping and handling.


^GEHA supplemental benefits are neither offered nor guaranteed under contract with the FEHB, but are made available to all enrollees and family members who become members of a GEHA medical plan. For information on year-round savings for GEHA dental members, visit Savings for GEHA dental members.

# To open an HSA, you must meet IRS eligibility requirements. Contribution amounts are subject to IRS limits. Please see the plan brochure for more information.

This is a brief description of the features of the GEHA High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). Before making a final decision, please read the Plan’s Federal brochure RI 71-014. All benefits are subject to the definitions, limitations and exclusions set forth in the Federal brochure.

Is the High Deductible Health Plan right for you?


Welcome to the  Foremost HSA Online Enrollment site

Thank you for choosing to open your Health Savings Account (HSA) 

You are about to complete an application for a Health Savings Account. By continuing, you understand that you will be entering into a legally binding agreement with Foremost Organization . You will have the ability to cancel your application at any time before the final screen.

The online enrollment process takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Once you begin the enrollment process, you must complete it before you log off. If you log off before you complete the enrollment process, none of your information will be saved.

Qualifying for an HSA

Foremost Organization will assist in setting up in HSAs are FDIC insured bank accounts that you can use to pay for qualified health expenses for yourself and your covered dependents tax free. To be an eligible individual and qualify for an HSA, you must meet the following requirements, as defined by the IRS:

  • You must be covered under a high deductible health plan (HDHP) on the first day of the month.

  • You have no other health coverage except what is permitted by the IRS.

  • You are not enrolled in Medicare.

  • You cannot be claimed as a dependent on someone else's tax return.

See IRS Publication 969 for more information.

Before you get started

Please download Adobe Reader if it is not installed on your machine. This will enable you to read the terms & conditions.

To complete the enrollment process, please have the following information handy:

  • Your Social Security Number

  • A valid e-mail address

  • Your Medical ID card containing your Group/Employer # (unless you are not enrolling as part of an employer group)

In addition, you may need to upload copies of the following in order to verify your identity:

  • A copy of your Social Security card.

  • A copy of a valid photo identification card with your address. (A driver's license, passport, state- or government-issued photo ID will do.)

  • If your photo ID does not have your address, please send a copy of a utility bill with your name and physical address listed, such as an electricity bill, gas bill, renter’s agreement or mortgage statement (a cell phone bill will not work).

Step 1: Account Holder Information

All fields required except where indicated:

Personal Information (Account holder)

First name

Middle initial (optional)

Last name

Social security number or tax ID

Date of birth


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Email address

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Please enter a word (up to 10 letters without spaces), such as your mother's maiden name, the city of your birth, the name of your first pet, or other word unique to you that you will remember. We may ask for your passcode to verify your identity when you call our customer care center.

Home address

Cannot be a P.O. box.



Zip code


Mailing address is different

To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, the USA PATRIOT Act requires us to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens an HSA. As a result, when you open an HSA, we will ask for your name, address, date of birth, Taxpayer Identification Number (“TIN”) and other information that will allow us to identify you. We may also ask to see your driver’s license or other identifying documents. You must have a physical address in the United States and we reserve the right to decline your HSA request if we are not able to fully verify your personal information.


Medical Information - High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)

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